Group Resources – Videos

Note: Thanks to Art Baner, Javier Arnanz and Réal Lalande for their performances in the Youtube videos, below.

Tai chi in the time of Covid -19. This 24 movement practice video is done in a very confined space, 6′ x 3′, so not much extension in arms and legs, a way to walk through the form with my voice guiding you. It was created for my tai chi group who are self-isolating, living in a small space, but who want to keep running through the form sequence until we can once again stretch out together.

Shen Zaiwen Short Form (Yang Style) performed by Linda Kearns, 2006; list of movement names

13 Powers Dagger Form – developed by Master Sam Masich (video by Judi McCuaig); list of movement names

5-Section Solo Bare-hand form performed by Art Baner –

5-Section Solo Sword form performed by Javier Arnanz – movimiento y salud

5-Section 24 forms taijiquan performed by Réal Lalande and members of the Centre de Tai Chi Gilles Vaillant in Gatineau, QC as part of the Sam Masich Full Curriculum Week, July 2017.